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Established in 2016, Innoptical Networks Co. Ltd. has been a professional fiber optic supplier providing the latest high-quality fiber optic products to a variety of customers across the globe. We provide OEM/ODM services for your needs as well as overall solutions for your optical transport system.
Backed by superior service, strong tech support, fast delivery, and competitive prices, we have successfully supported the business of various clients, including telecom operators and data centers. We look forward to serving you and being your partner!

Highly Equipped Workshops

With advanced equipment and scientific production management, a series of full-equipped workshops make production efficient and streamlined.
testing workshop
Optical Transceiver Assembly & Testing Workshop
interior of factory
Optical Transceiver Packaging Workshop
Fiber Polishing Workshop

Strengths of Innoptical

We are continuously reading changing market trends, which allows us to manage and conduct timely research and development and create personalized fiber optic solutions that meet your needs precisely.


We strive to achieve the highest level of customer service in the industry. Providing customers with the best-quality fiber optic transmission products and one stop solutions, we help customers to significantly save their time and gain higher benefits.


With optical transceivers, passive optical devices, and active optical devices as our core products, we provide customers with one-stop services. We continue to complete our supply chain network and related product lines, and enhance the added value service to increase market share.

Innoptical's DNA at a Glance

Flowing within our entire manufacturing process and services are the core values that influence us to strive for excellence in our products and services.

Customer Orientation

By looking deeply into our customers' demands and competing with the current trends in fiber optic devices, we strive to develop advanced technology and deliver latest solutions.


From regular quality control to fast customer support, we keep communication lines clear and our processes transparent.


We pay close attention to industry trends, seizing the opportunity to release the latest product ahead of other peers and adapt our business to the evolving needs of modern marketing.


Win-win cooperation is always the best way to perfect our business. Whether it’s our supply chain, the third-party QC team, or our clients, we value each and every one of our partnerships.

Innoptical's Development


We start up the business of fiber optic products, mainly providing compatible products and kitting to domestic customers.


During the start-up period, Innoptical acts as an agent for high-rate optical transceivers of international leading enterprises. We later invested in companies dealing with passive optical products as well as medium-low rate optical transceivers, and thus started to enter into the global market.


Mass production of passive optical devices begins in 2017. We are able to store enough passive optical devices in our warehouse to meet regular orders.


Hong Kong Warehousing Department is established to support global business development. Our warehouse system become increasingly stronger to support fast delivery.


We continue to develop steadily and expand our product range with active optical devices, connector and data transmission products.


We focus on the development of optical fiber transmission and data communication products, and strive to offer the best products and solutions to our customers.

Looking forward

We are continuing forward…

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