WDM & Optical Access

The Latest WDM & Optical Access Devices

Innoptical provides cost-efficient and scalable WDM solutions including products of WDM Mux Demux, OADM, transponders, muxponders, EDFA amplifier and dispersion compensation modules.
The role of WDM is to improve the transmission capacity of optical fiber and the utilization efficiency of optical fiber resources.
These products are optimized for the data communication network.
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Universal Compatibility
High Stability and Reliability
Wide Operating Wavelength Range
Completely Passive

Full Portfolio of WDM & Optical Access

Comprehensive Optical Testing

We endeavor to minimize the production cycle with incredible speed and precision.

A high level of quality standards is rigorously adhered to throughout the entire process of production.

Innoptical maintains a neat workshop environment and comprehensive testing environment for production and testing.

Technology Trends and R&D

Our professional sales consultants with years of experience stand ready to give reliable advice on your network solutions.

We have set up a powerful Shipping & Packing Department to support fast pick and pack and on time delivery.

We have a qualified QA & Engineering Team to conduct various testing procedures and a FAE team to provide tech support.

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