Quality Makes the Difference

It’s our responsibility to maintain the high quality of products at Innoptical. Our reputation has been built on the outstanding quality and performance of our products. By delivering precise fiber optic solutions and consistently providing high-quality products and professional technical support, we have earned the trust of our customers.

Powerful Production Is the Foundation of Quality

One of the keys to producing high-quality fiber optic products is to standardize our production process. Our products comply with TUV, UL, FDA, CE, FCC, REACH and RoHS standards supported by scientific production management and advanced equipment.

Quality Is in Every Aspect & Detail

From environment control to human resources, we endeavor to control every detail and maintain a high standard of quality.

Neat Workshop Environment

Strictly complying with 6s lean manufacturing standards, we maintain a comprehensive testing environment, including a class 10K clean room.
Temperature & Humidity Control
ESD Control
Class 10K Clean Room

Rigorous Selection of Materials

We conduct diverse source surveys and qualified supplier management to establish a reliable supply chain and ensure we only use quality raw materials.
Source Survey
Qualified Supplier Management
Strict Incoming QC

Professional QC Team

Our professional QA & Engineering team and our operators are devoted to raising the bar for fiber optic quality and have utilized the latest technology to ensure quality consistency.
Temperature & Humidity Control
Qualified Operators
Highly Efficient Operation & Team Work

Products Achieved after Hundreds of Tests

With the latest networking equipment, every product is 100% tested to guarantee long-term usage.

Compatibility Testing

Each transceiver has been tested for compatibility in end-use conditions to ensure interoperability and connectivity.

Performance Testing

Various performance testing procedures include optical power testing, optical spectrum evaluation, signal quality testing, and temperature testing.

Spec Testing

ATS system is equipped to automatically monitor every step of testing. Reliability & FA facility and equipment calibration ensure standard specs.

Certifications Show Our Attitude

Our products are accredited with industry certifications including RoHS, CE, REACH, GS and UL. Through our certified factory production, we can easily deliver fiber optics to be exported to any region.

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