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With our extensive experience and R&D capabilities, we have a complete set of procedures and services to meet your unique needs, from network solution design to product packages, as well as production and delivery.

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Want particular fiber optic devices that can be applied in your networks? Provide your requirements and product application scenarios to our designers to get relevant suggestions.
We provide you with a 1 on 1 consultation involving product applications scenarios, solution design, technical guidance, and other aspects. around the clock and free of charge. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
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Diverse Custom Options

Almost all of our products are customizable, from compatibility to appearance. Our specialists provide bespoke services to meet your personalized requirements.
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Optical Transceiver
Fiber Patch Cables
Racks & Enclosures
Optical Transceiver
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Our optical transceivers are compatible with most of the popular OEM switches & routers.
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We offer a set of branding options, including custom serialization and custom labeling and packaging with required company details.
p04 s05 dac aoc


Length of DAC & AOC is customizable depending on your real-case application.
p04 s05 different material dac aoc


Materials are selected in accordance with your requirements or other environmental needs.
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Number of Compatibility

Our DAC & AOC are compatible with most of the mainstream vendors on the market.
p04 3 s05 dac aoc form factor

Form Factor & Data Rate

Customized 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G DAC & AOC with multiple choices of configuration.
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Number of Channels

The number of channels is optional, which allows you to to effectively save networking costs.
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Connector Type

We provide a wide range of connector types, including FC/APC, FC/PC, SC/APC, SC/PC, ST and LC.
Fiber Patch Cables
p04 3 s05 fiber outer plastic with different material


Different materials of the cable jacket can satisfy your different requirements or other environmental needs.
p04 3 s04 part04 pic05


A array of cable colors including red, gray, blue, white, black, green, yellow, pink and purple.
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Connector Type

We offer various types of connectors, for example, SC, FC, LC, ST, MTRJ, MU, E2000, and others.
dac connector types

Fiber Type

We offer customization solutions for any type of fibers, including single-mode fibers, multimode fibers, polarization-maintaining optical fibers, and the rest.
orange fiber cable


Whether you need to build a long distance network, or just want short distance transmission, we will match all your needs.
Racks & Enclosures
p04 1 s06 pic03


Rack & enclosures can be customized with non-standard products to help customers optimize space utilization.
p04 1 s06 quality check


We partner with you in the design of the fiber optics. The appearance of the rack & enclosures can also be customized.

Customized Products & Solutions

From network solutions to copper cabling and fiber cable management,every solution follows your recommendations. We offer fiber optics choices that are more affordable and apply well to their intended environment while operating for long periods.

Rapid Designing & Detailed Quotation

Efficient design capabilities allow us to complete samples within 2-3 days. The whole process of customization can be normally finished within 7-9 days.
Based on your requirements on compatibility, materials, dimensions, packaging and other features, we will send you a professional quotation which covers all details.

Sample & Fast Delivery

As for the products under 100USD, free samples are available. Please note: you will need to bear the shipping cost for the free sample.
After sample confirmation, your products will be delivered as fast as possible to achieve high delivery satisfaction rate and boost your ROI.

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