Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Patch Cords to Promote Your Connectivity

For your passive optical network solutions, we offer MPO/MTP cables, optical TAPs, fiber optical patch cords, PLC/PBC splitters, and fiber optic components like optical attenuators, and optical adaptors. Our fiber patch cables are available with a wide range of fiber types and connector combinations. MTP/MPO cables are widely used in data centers to improve space utilization and simplify network deployment.
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Durable Materials
Carrier-Grade Performance
High-Density Connections
Flexibility & High-density

Full Portfolio of Patch Cord

Reliable High-performance Networks

We offer cost-effective, compatible upgrades to your existing networks with reliability, warranty, and technical support.

We provide networks with agility and scalability, which support network wavelength expansion.

We offer a wide range of fiber optic products with high storage transmission rates and capacity.

Close Collaboration with Accredited Suppliers

We utilize brand new and 100% qualified components for our products.

We source from world-class suppliers with absolute quality assurance.

We have established long-lasting partnerships to ensure a reliable raw materials supply network.

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