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We provide high-performance products which are widely applied in a wide range of industries, including optical transceivers, WDMs, fiber patch cables, and products of copper cabling and fiber cable management.

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Need samples before purchasing large quantities? Innoptical has got you covered. Free samples of the products that are less than 100 USD are available (Delivery fee to be collected). If you have any questions on sampling, please feel free to contact us!
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From technical support to complete customer services, we are always have your needs in mind.


Our stringent product testing, together with coding verification under operating conditions, gives you compatibility assurance and peace of mind.


Our products are 100% compatible with all major brands like CISCO, ARISTA, JUNIPER, HUAWEI, EXTREME, MARCONI, HP, and others.

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We supply a wide range of optical transceivers, fiber cables, passive components, and copper cabling products to meet all your needs.

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Professional technicians with years of experience in the industry, have the knowledge and skills to provide the right network solutions for you.

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